Our Process

Old World Artistry

The art of sculpting molten bronze into intriguing silhouettes dates back thousands of years. Today, our highly skilled artisans draw up the same time-honored traditions that have been passed down through the generations to handcraft hardware and accessories of uncommon beauty and enduring style.

Using Old-World casting techniques, each product touches no less than 30 hands, undergoing a rigorous 20-plus-step process that begins in our pattern shop. An expert craftsman begins by hand sculpting imaginative ideas into pattern boards to create casts using sand or wax.


Highly Skilled Artisans

Our expertly skilled artisans are true masters of their craft, including university art professors with expertise in sculpturing, painting and other artistic mediums. 


Hand-Sculptured by Experts

From intricately carved blocks of wood to different types of plastics to actual beads and strings of rope, we employ a variety of different materials to make our molds by hand.

Rigorous 20+Steps Process

Each piece evolves from an ingot of bronze to a hand finished piece of art by moving through a rigorous 20-plus-step process.

Sand Casting

Sand is compacted tightly to both sides of the pattern board. Once set, the boards are removed, and each half of the mold is carefully inspected. The halves are placed back together, forming a cavity to hold the molten bronze.

Next, 300 pounds of bronze ingots are melted in a crucible, reaching a temperature of 2,200°F. The bronze is poured by hand into the casts and left to cool. After cooling, the product is removed and sent on for finishing.

300 LBS

300 Lbs of Melted Bronze

Approximately 18 bronze ingots are melted in crucibles similar to those used in the Bronze Age, and then quickly poured into sand or wax molds to maintain optimal temperature.



Hand-Poured at up to 2200F

Using a pyrometer to measure optimal temperature – 1,700°F to 2,200°F depending on the desired thickness – molten bronze is poured by hand into molds and left to cool.

Lost-Wax Casting

For designs that are a bit more intricate, the art of lost-wax casting is employed. This process is extremely time intensive as the wax molds are dipped in a ceramic slurry multiple times and must dry completely between each dip.

The molds are placed in kilns to harden. Then, hot molten bronze is poured into the cavity. Once hardened, the shell is cracked off by hand to reveal the bronze piece nestled inside.

State-of-the-Art Machinery

After the casting is complete, each piece moves through a series of steps to add precise functionality. We employ over 20 computer numeric controls (CNC) machines to ensure that the hardware functions flawlessly for a lifetime. These state-of-the-art computer programs are written to make our machines perform to our exacting specifications. We also have large lathes to turn specific parts, as well as water-jet machines to cut 2D custom parts using high pressure. Our advanced technology gives us the ability to create virtually any custom request.

Finishing Touches

Once in the studio, the artistry and detail of the pieces are highlighted with a warm, hand-applied patina and hand-rubbed polish. The finish grows richer and deeper over time as it responds to its environment for one-of-a-kind character.

The end product is a sculptural work of art, the handiwork of many, and one that is expertly crafted to last a lifetime.


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