How to Order


Choose one of over 20 Collections that best meets your design aethestic.  Each Collection comes in a variety of sizes and functions allowing for continuity throughout a project, from the entry hardware to the bedrooms and everywhere in-bewtween.

Select a Handle

Choose a handle to pair with the selected escutcheon Collection.  Our handle offering includes grips, levers, knobs and rings. Grips are typically used on larger entry doors, while levers and knobs can be used for either entry or interior doors. Grips and levers or knobs are often mixed on the same project to accommodate different needs.

Select a patina

Select from our 12 standard finish options.  All finishes are applied to one of two base alloys, silicon bronze and white bronze.  All silicon bronze finishes present a coppery/brown hue, while our white bronze finishes present a pewter/silvery hue. 

Designer Collection inlay Options

If either Designer Leather or Designer Texture Collections are selected, one of the 8 leather or 7 texture inlay options will also need to be identified.

Contact an authorized dealer

With the above options selected, contact an authorized Rocky Mountain Hardware dealer to help gather additional project specific information necessary to place an order.